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The story behind the Retired Palette

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Although The Retired Palette may seem to some, to be a completely intentional is not. What now looks like an artwork gone completely mad with fury, with no subject really, or effort whatsoever, it is in fact just that. Paints gone wild, over many many years which unintentionally became The Retired Palette.

This is the palette where paint was laid down, mixed and thinned to compile many of the artworks in my collection over quite a long period of time. Most, if not all of the art pieces in my `From Under The Bed` vintage collection were born of paints which now sleep forever, undisturbed, cured on this palette.

When I look at the palette, I am brought back in time to many moments, and re-experience the emotions that were involved in different works. The curtain raises, and nostalgic glimpses into different times of my life dance about on stage unchoreographed. It is in essence a part of me. The curtain has come down, but the palette lives a story.

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