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Where oh where is thou art now?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

So it is destined that my first blog post be about one of my very early art pieces titled 'The Floating Rose'. I'm flashing back to Mr. Dalton's grade 9 art class at DP Todd Secondary School where this painting was born. Mr. Dalton was a laid back, 'laissez faire', down to earth kind of teacher. He was a good art teacher. I remember him showing me how to do a water droplet on a leaf in chalk pastel. 'The Floating Rose' was the first piece of art I sold. I had never parted with my art to a stranger before. Although I painted it when I was 14 years old, I would not part with it until about 4-5 years later. It was a very difficult decision to make. Very occasionally, I wonder where it is now. I had sold it at the old Flea Market at Parkhill Centre in Prince George, BC, where I had rented a table to sell all sorts of household items. I put a price on it of $20, and a fellow came around and bought it. Goodbye 'Floating Rose'. Painted with cheap water based school supply paint, and certainly not on archival paper, the thought crosses my mind that the paint has likely cracked and cratered and fallen off in pieces. Poor buyer. Novice artist sells to novice buyer. Where could it be now, over 30 years later? Is it crumpled in a corner under someone's dark and dusty staircase? Is it beautifully framed and preserved by an art lover appreciative of and endeared by amateur work? Had it sat stalled unsold at it's 3rd garage sale for $1, then finally turfed to the dump? Has someone googled the signature of the artist and the internet has come up empty since it is signed in my maiden name? Was it used for fire starter or quarter folded to tuck under a table leg to stop a wobble? I am glad I at least took a picture of it. When I become famous one or two hundred years from now, at least they will have a photograph to show, when it is featured as one of my great lost works.


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